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The team

Meet the production team behind our upcoming Musical of Musicals: The Musical!

Daniel Hill | Producer

Daniel is a producer, marketer and performer who has had the pleasure of producing a broad range of shows including RENT (2017) & The Last Five Years (2017).  He holds a Bachelor in Marketing and Media and has had extensive advertising experience working with brands including Paramount Pictures, Headspace & Steve Madden. Prior to founding City Theatre, Daniel was president of MacMS and has held production roles on more than 10 shows over the last 3 years.

Jo elizabeth finnis | director

Jo has enjoyed directing musicals since her debut in 2013 – Spring Awakening. Since then, she has directed shows such as Next to Normal (2015), Avenue Q (2015), Carrie the Musical (2016), The Last Five Years (2017), RENT (2017) and Triassic Parq (2018). Jo also has spent her time over the last 10 years frolicking onstage, blending in backstage and leading behind the scenes as a producer. She wishes theatre was also her day job but until then, Jo is delighted to work tirelessly to bring theatre to life.

dominic serov | Musical director

Captivated by pressing buttons from a young age, Dominic has been in love with the piano for over 16 years. Playing solo in front of crowds of over 1000 people and jamming in bands, Dom has relished opportunities to perform in a range of musicals. Whilst completing his Bachelor of Arts & Law, he has performed in multiple shows such as First Date (2018), Back to the 80s (2018), two different productions of Heathers (2018), Bonnie & Clyde (2019) & Calvin Berger (2019). With a history of conducting, having learnt from under the tutelage of professionals, Dom couldn’t be more excited for the wide range of musical styles this show entails.

We’re all incredibly excited to present an enjoyable, entertaining and unforgettable show.